Why Digital Cytology?

Every pet owner wants a fast, accurate diagnosis when their pet is sick. Our digital cytology solutions radically reduce the time it takes to get the answers your clients need, helping you elevate your standard of care.


24/7 availability

Cytology results in hours

Direct communication with pathologists

Lower cost than most labs

Free training and support

Mobile-friendly platform

Detailed report (click for example)


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Our Snapshot solution is our most affordable and is ideal for clinics with existing microscope hardware or a cell phone to capture images through the eyepiece.

• No ongoing fees

• Works with iOS, Android or existing camera


• About 1 hour turnaround times



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Our Autoscan solution’s one-click scanning process is ideal for high-volume clinics looking for fast, accurate case diagnosis.

• Automated scanner and computer installed for free

• Minimal training needed

• Razor-sharp images


• About 1 hour turnaround times

• No cost to start

Free online demo

  • Automated scanning
  • Lowest tech time
  • CBC differential possible
  • Minimal training
  • Our most innovative product
  • No cost to start
Free first sample

  • Start now with your camera or cell phone
  • Mobile friendly
  • No added footprint