Why Digital Cytology?


24/7 availability

Cytology results in hours

Direct communication with pathologists

Lower cost than most labs

Free training and support

Mobile friendly platform

Detailed report(click to download an example)


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microscope camera.png

Designed for clinics with a camera on their microscope or a cell phone to capture images through the eyepiece.


•~1hr turnaround times

•No ongoing fees

•Works with iOS, Android or existing camera



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Built for clinics with higher cytology case volumes but have technician time bandwidth to commit to scanning slides. Our stitching software will help you build diagnostic quality images

•Microscope - camera and computer installed for free

•Staff members trained


•~1hr turnaround times




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Our most innovative solution, built for clinics with higher cytology case volumes and want an automated scanning solution. Scan your slide with a click of a button.

•Automated scanner and computer installed for free

•Minimal training needed


•~1hr turnaround times

Lacuna 360
Free online demo

  • Whole slide imaging possible
  • CBC differential possible
  • Complete scanning solution provided

Free online demo

  • Automated Scanning
  • Lowest tech time
  • CBC differential possible
  • Minimal training
  • Our most innovative product
Free first sample

  • Start now with your camera or cell phone
  • Mobile friendly
  • No added footprint