Digital Pathology- What and Why?

Veterinary medicine often looks to human medicine for innovation and new technological direction.  There is a 5-10 year lag in the technological adoption cycles between human and veterinary medicine.  Without the insurance infrastructure, Vet Med cannot support the ultra-high dollar technology that advances the human health world. Like the human sphere, veterinary medicine continues to push toward “specialization’’, with pets visiting a suite of specialists including surgeons, dermatologists, cardiologists, etc for further advanced treatments. Technological innovation can have the greatest impact among these specialists marketplaces, forcing competition and lowering prices for consumers.  

For example, traditional film x-rays ruled veterinary medicine until the past few years, when digital x-rays allowed the creation of ‘Teleradiology’, giving general practice vets the ability to connect with radiologists in a moments notice. Teleradiology truly changed the field of veterinary medicine.  Now, most veterinarians rely on this diagnostic support by using technology, while 10 years ago it did not exist in the field.  

Lacuna Diagnostics promises the same revolution for veterinary clinical cytology, using Whole Slide Imaging technology to allow veterinarians to send simple images of their slides for near-instant review by a pathologist.  This access to specialist knowledge with simultaneously cut costs to clients (reducing shipping and handling fees) and increase patient care. With affordable digital cytology in veterinary market, we strive to improve the quality of care without the burden of additional cost.