LACUNA Reduces Stress on Pets and Pet Owners Alike


In a September 2017 piece, Time Health highlights that over 90% of pet owners think of their dogs or cats as family members. This unique bond between humans and their pets boost human happiness, life satisfaction, and is a net positive to pet owner's mental health. 

Conversely, when these furry friends are sick, their humans can experience more anxiety and depression. Pet owners with sick pets experience a heightened level of caregiver burden and a poorer level of psychosocial function. Which is why we believe LACUNA Diagnostics not only raises the standard of care for our pets, it increases the quality of life for pet owners. 

When a furry family member is sick, pet owners turn to expert veterinary care, to help their pet get back to their normal, lovable selves. When a pet owner brings their pet to a veterinary hospital for diagnosis and treatment of symptoms of sickness, often the veterinarian will take a fluid sample from the pet — be it blood or aspirates.

Currently, once the sample is taken, it only takes minutes to get a diagnoses from a specialized, veterinary pathologist, but days to get that sample to a veterinary pathologist. Meanwhile, the pet waits in discomfort, the pet owner waits in angst (likely racking up veterinary bills, desperately trying to empower their veterinarian to treat any visible symptom to care for their pet), and the veterinarian feels a certain diminishing rapport between them and the pet owner as they too wait for answers. 

The proprietary LACUNA case management system reduces the case diagnosis process from days to minutes. 



To reduce the amount of stress on pets, owners, and veterinary care providers alike, the LACUNA solution provides: 

  1. Near Instant review of fluid samples instead of waiting days for fluid samples to be boxed and shipped to a centralized lab. 
  2. Pointed diagnosis because LACUNA delivers near instant review, by a veterinary pathologist, the primary care veterinarian and pathologist can work in concert, in real time, to make a precise diagnosis. 
  3. Precision in treatment because the veterinarian will have a pointed and precise diagnosis, they will waste no time treating merely symptoms, rather can treat the root cause of disease. 
  4. Decreased stress for all parties involved — pet owners, animals, and practitioners alike. 

LACUNA Diagnostics 

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