The LACUNA Solution to Sample Quality Control

We want to share a December 29, 2017 health news story from NPR about precision medical treatments having a quality control problem.  

Regarding diagnostic samples in human medicine, samples can end up telling an inaccurate story of the state of the patient and the underlying disease, because samples too often are in poor shape upon arrival to the pathology lab.

This NPR article references a story of a test used by human medicine practitioners to choose the best treatment plan for cancer patients. Pathologists found the results from the HER2 test—a test used by doctors to identify the protein responsible for the growth of cancer cells—were inaccurate in 20 percent of cases. The 20 percent inaccuracy wasn’t because of the HER2 test itself; the inaccuracies were a result of samples tainted by poor and inconsistent handling of the samples.   

In human medicine, practitioners are looking for a solution to quickly collect samples, likely from an operating room, monitor the condition of the sample, and move the sample through the hospital to a pathology lab with little delay—the very process of delivering samples to the pathology lab is the weakest link in the quality chain.


Veterinary medicine suffers from the same short falls as human medicine when it comes to the quality control of fluid samples. There is grave potential for damage to a veterinary fluid sample between the time the sample is taken, the sample being boxed and shipped via courier service to a centralized pathology lab, and the sample being read by a board certified pathologist.

LACUNA Diagnostics is the solution to the quality control problem in fluid sample diagnostics.

The LACUNA solution immediately digitizes a fluid sample—virtually eliminating the risk of a poor or inaccurate sample reading.

Because of the immediate feedback process between a veterinary hospital and a LACUNA board certified pathologist, with the LACUNA solution, both parties can work in tandem, in real time to get the best fluid sample for the most accurate reading.

The LACUNA solution creates an opportunity for near immediate communication between the pathologist and the veterinary technician sending a fluid sample for review. Should there be questions about the quality of a sample, for instance, the LACUNA pathologist can immediately give feedback to a veterinary technician regarding pathology sample staining, and the vet tech can re-prep a slide, get it to the pathologist for a more accurate reading, all while the veterinary patient and owners are in the veterinary hospital.

The LACUNA solution captures fresh images of samples and has those samples read by board certified pathologists in near real time.

We are excited to raise the standard of care for our pets, while we build a robust data set of unadulterated, digital samples read by LACUNA pathologists.  

The LACUNA solution delivers a veterinary pathologist a clean sample to read; the pathologist can then return more accurate results to the veterinary practitioner; and in turn the veterinary patient receives the best care and treatment plan.


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