Lacuna Diagnostics Brings on Full-Time Chief Technology Officer


Lacuna Diagnostics, Inc. is excited to announce that a third member of the Lacuna team is increasing to a full-time position. Garrett Walz, a founding member of the company, will step into the role of Chief Technology Officer. “From the beginning, I have been ‘all in’ with Lacuna,” says Walz. “I spent the bulk of the early days designing and developing the platform that allowed Lacuna to connect hospitals and specialists at the speed of digital.”

Walz, a graduate of CSU’s M.B.A. program, has spent several years at GE helping to scale e-commerce in the oil and gas sector. “I am leveraging my experience from GE and learnings from the MBA” notes Walz. “Lacuna, as a company, sits at the intersection of science and technology.  As the company has proven and perfected the science of digital cytology, my focus has largely been focused on the technology aspect of our business. This is an area that continues to evolve and adapt to new tech, new challenges, and new opportunities.”

Other members of the Lacuna team are thrilled for this transition. “Garrett has been instrumental to our success from day one,” says Bikul Koirala, CEO at Lacuna Diagnostics. “ Garrett had the technical expertise to build our portal from the ground up. His ability to iterate fast has fueled our growth exponentially.”

Koirala also reflects on how adding full-time employees has impacted the business. “When Conor Blanchet joined full time in May as our Chief Operating Officer, we went from one full-time founder to two. Just with that move, I feel like our output quadrupled. I know having Garrett’s full-time attention will have a similar impact.”

Walz will focus his efforts in three main areas: process simplification and user experience, tech-agility and integration, and time to cash and financial performance. “I will be working closely with Lacuna’s COO & CEO to deliver on customer outcomes and business performance while advancing the standard of care in the veterinary industry by enabling our customers to diagnose at the speed of digital,” says Walz.

Walz began his CTO responsibilities as of October 1, 2018.  To contact Garrett: