3 Reasons to Visit Lacuna Diagnostics at AVMA 2018


The American Veterinary Medical Association is having its annual convention just down the road from the Lacuna Diagnostics headquarters. We are excited to show off our innovative digital cytology technologies to all of the AVMA 2018 attendees.

The Lacuna Diagnostics team will be at Booth 1726 in the Exhibition Hall throughout the Convention. Need a good reason to come visit us? We’ve got three of them.

1. Demo the future in digital cytology →  automated scanning. 

The AVMA Convention is the perfect place to see our automated scanner in all its glory. This brand-new technology provides diagnostic-quality images of the slide and transmits the images automatically to our team of board-certified pathologists for them to interpret. It saves you time and allows you to diagnose and treat with confidence. For clinics that want to be on the cutting edge of telemedicine while providing gold-standard care, an automated scanner is an invaluable investment.    

2. Learn how to take diagnostic-quality photos of microscope slides with your cell phone using Lacuna Snapshot. 

We have all struggled to take a picture of a microscope slide through the eyepiece with our cell phones. The eyepiece is tiny. The camera can't focus. We can’t decide which cells to photograph.

Lacuna Diagnostics can give you a 1-minute tutorial that will significantly improve your slide photography. Our team members are experts on how to position a cell phone to take the perfect photos of your aspirates and blood smears. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be ready to use Lacuna Snapshot, our service for clinics with a camera on their microscope or a cell phone to capture images through the eyepiece. Lacuna Snapshot sends your slide photos to our board-certified veterinary pathologists for review in minutes. 

3. Pick up some free schwag!

Okay, okay. We know that is everyone's pitch at a good convention. But Lacuna Diagnostics has some of the best. 

  • Mini lint rollers to help you stay professional even when you snuggle every exhibit dog.

  • Sticky notes that can sub for makeshift business cards when you run out of real ones. 

  • Popcorn, because it's a big convention center. You'll need a snack, trust us. 

Booth 1726. The Exhibition Hall of the Colorado Convention Center. AVMA 2018.

See you there.