Telemedicine, Meet Cytology 

lacunadigital cytology.png

The days of assorted glass slides on paper towels scattered across your counters are over. Your glass slides are going digital.

Automated slides scanners - an innovation in telemedicine - are coming to veterinary medicine. The scanner produces diagnostic-quality images of your blood smears, fine needle aspirates, and other cytologies, no fumbling or focusing required.  images are automatically uploaded to Lacuna portal, where they are reviewed by Lacuna Diagnostics network of board-certified veterinary pathologists. No time out of your busy schedule required.

The slide scanner is a table-top machine that does not take up much more space than a traditional microscope. It can easily be added to your hospital’s laboratory. Automated slide scanners also offer safe storage of confidential patient information and a system to easily review images. There is no risk of broken or misplaced slides.

So how exactly does automated slide scanning work?

At first, the process is familiar. You collect blood, fine needle aspirate, or other samples from your patient and prepare a cytology slide.

Next, this is where your clinical flow changes and improves with automated slide scanning. You place the slide in the scanner, enter a small amount of patient information, and move on. To treat the next patient, to write the next record, to start the next surgery. Your time and your staff’s time is preserved for other important tasks. While you work, the slide is automatically scanned and uploaded for review.

With Lacuna Autoscan, digital slides - along with pertinent case information - are sent to Lacuna Diagnostic’s network of board-certified veterinary pathologists for review. A pathologist interprets your case, sending you a full pathology report via e-mail or text with their expert findings. The turnaround time for interpretation is often less than 1 hour. You have answers quickly that help you treat with confidence.

Intrigued? Find out more at AVMA.

Lacuna Diagnostics will be at AVMA July 14-16 demoing the ease and efficiency of the automated slide scanner. Stop by to watch the process of slide preparation and digitization. It is pretty nifty.

Plus, you will be able to chat with our team about how digital cytology fits into your practice. Automated slide scanning is affordable for many veterinary teams, giving a return on investment within months. It will improve your standard of care and boost your clinical flow.

We’ll be at Booth 1726 in the Exhibition Hall. Come check out telemedicine in action.