Lacuna Diagnostics: For general practitioners, it’s about time.

It’s a busy Friday and Dr. Smart is running behind. She didn’t have time for lunch, and the exam rooms have been full all day, with still more patients barking from reception.

The most recent case was a tricky one: Lucy Gilroy, a Poodle with a history of malignant melanoma, just presented with swollen lymph nodes. After discussing concerns of metastasis, Dr. Smart collected lymph node aspirates.

But before she can dash off to the next room, her technician waves the slides in the air.

“Do you want to take a look?” the technician asks.

Dr. Smart goes through the options in her head:

1) Take a look. Unfortunately, Dr. Smart is already running late, and lymph nodes can be difficult to interpret. Are those melanocytes? A tough call.

2) Send it out. Possibly, but it’ll be next week before an answer arrives. Meanwhile, Mr. Gilroy will be calling twice a day. He hates to wait.

Fortunately, there’s a better choice: Lacuna Diagnostics.

Instead of mailing the slides to the lab, or waiting for a courier to pick them up, the technician inserts the slides into a Lacuna tabletop scanner. With the click of a button, the entire cytologies are uploaded to a remote pathologist.

Within a minute, the technician is free to check-in the next patient.

And an hour later, Dr. Smart can call Mr. Gilroy with board-certified results.

Surprisingly, this is not a science fiction story.

It’s about time.

In the world of veterinary medicine, efficiency and accuracy are critical.

Digital radiology has demonstrated how off-site specialists can now deliver high quality diagnostics. As digital microscopy has advanced, we now have the same potential with cytopathology.

Lacuna Diagnostics is at the forefront of this new technology, delivering cytology results from a remote, board-certified pathologist in about an hour, anytime, day or night.

At present, we offer three digital cytology solutions:

1. Snapshot: Zero-footprint software that is compatible with most microscopes and smartphones. A select portion of the slide is captured.

2. 360: An in-house computer and camera that allow support staff to manually scan the whole slide. A good choice for clinics with more staff member availability.

3. Autoscan: As described in the scenario with Dr. Smart. A whole-slide scanner that transmits cytologies with the click of a button. For the busiest clinics—very little training or staff time are required.

At Lacuna Diagnostics, we are leading the way in digital cytology. Please feel free to contact us today for a risk-free trial.