Digital Cytology: Lacuna Brings an Essential Diagnostic into the 21st Century

Chances are, when the ballpoint pen was invented, someone with a quill and ink pot grumbled. Similar complaints were probably heard when people gave up their carriages for cars. Why fix what isn’t broken? As with many technological innovations, the answer is clear: efficiency.

Just as people will always need to write and move from place to place, veterinarians will always need cytology. It is the best minimally invasive method to investigate a wide range of complaints, from masses to rashes, pleural effusion to joint pain.

Conventional cytology, however, still requires a clinician’s precious time, and for difficult cases, a pathologist’s opinion, which can take a week. Fortunately, Lacuna is clearing away these old obstacles to open a new era of digital cytology.

A Global, 24/7 Network

With Lacuna’s imaging solutions and results you can trust in about an hour, digital cytology is moving in a clear step forward for veterinarians everywhere—and we do mean everywhere. With a global network of board-certified pathologists, veterinary clinics and hospitals of any size can submit a digital cytology at any time, day or night, from anywhere in the world, and receive results within a fraction of the time that conventional cytology would require. What’s more, Lacuna is more affordable than most conventional labs.

The result of faster and more affordable cytologies is an improved quality of life for veterinarians and better care for patients. As modern clients expect service to be as fast as possible, digital cytology is an obvious next step for veterinarians who want to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital Cytology Solutions

Lacuna currently offers two digital cytology solutions. These are tailored to practice size, support staff availability, and cytology volume.

  1. Snapshot: Zero-footprint software that is compatible with most microscopes and smartphones. A select portion of the slide is captured.

  2. Autoscan: A whole-slide scanner that transmits cytologies with the click of a button. For the busiest clinics—very little training or staff time are required.

Contact Us Today

Not that we have anything against quills and ink pots, but we here at Lacuna are happier with ballpoint pens. We’re also happier with cars, electricity, the internet, smartphones, and digital cytology results within an hour. What can we say? We just like things to be easy.

In the same spirit, our outstanding support team will ensure that your practice’s transition to digital cytology is as easy as the click of a button. Please feel free to reach out today—the first case is on us.