Our team is passionate about improving quality of care in veterinary medicine


Lacuna Diagnostics promises to disrupt the current cytology diagnostic system by using modern technologies to allow veterinarians to upload images of their slides for near-instant review by a pathologist. We want to make digital cytology the norm in diagnostics.


Aaron Wallace  MS MBA D.V.M. Candidate (2019)

Aaron has earned his stripes in the veterinary industry with over 10 years of mixed animal, general practice, bovine reproduction, and specialty/emergency medicine experience. This knowledge of everyday operations coupled with his background in practice management and industry connections have accelerated Lacuna’s minimal viable product.Aaron will continue to drive Lacuna on the clinical end.  

Conor Blanchet MS MBA D.V.M Candidate (2019)

While working as an Emergency Medical Technologist for a clinical pathology lab, Conor forged a deep interest in cytology. It was during this opportunity that Conor discovered and explored the value of moving a digital cytology image for diagnosis. Conor’s problem solving abilities, previous consulting experience, and overall curiosity for cytology will open up our future service offerings as he scales and directs the cytology side of Lacuna Diagnostics.

Nick Norton MBA

Nick served six years in the United States Navy as satellite Communications specialist, serving abroad in the Global War on Terrorism. He is now a commercial real estate broker in Northern Colorado.  Our clients are in good hands with Nick because of the unshakeable customer service skills he has developed in real estate.  Nick will be our first point of contact with new hospitals and potential clients.

Garrett Walz MBA

Garrett has years of IT Management and Leadership experience with General Electric Company. He is a GE certified Six Sigma Black Belt and currently leads a, global, cross-functional team to deliver a high-profile, strategic platform for GE’s Oil & Gas business. Garrett’s leadership abilities, tenacity, and project management keep our Lacuna system on track and constantly moving forward.  While Garrett has involvement in all aspects of Lacuna; he champions contract negotiations, oversees financial projections, and serves as a team lead.

Bikul Koirala MS MBA

Bikul began his career as an Industrial Biotechnology Chemist.  His work for pharmaceutical startups has been invaluable to Lacuna. Bikul has moved on from the life of a chemist and now is the co-founder of Kduo Productions, a mobile application company in Fort Collins, CO. Bikul is a true entrepreneur who combines his business and science degrees to solve problems and keep our system streamlined.  Bikul leads technology development, assists in financial model development, and will be the lead data scientist as we scale.